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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office see children?

Yes! We love welcoming whole families at Port Isabel Dental, including the littlest members. Our team offers fun amenities for children, educational help with brushing and flossing, and children’s dentistry services that are designed to protect and strengthen their smile as it grows.

Do I really need X-Rays?

Yes, you do. We recommend X-Rays to show us something important about your dental health that can’t be seen with the human eye. An X-Ray is essential to the diagnosis of not just cavities, but other serious health conditions, such as bone infections and tumors. X-rays can also reveal other significant factors, such as bone loss, root structure, and sinuses. Most commonly, we need x-rays to check for small cavities between the teeth. Catching cavities early can help you save money over time, as well as protect your health. . 

Our digital X-ray technology poses a far smaller risk to your health than an undetected and untreated dental problem. It is also worth noting that inspectors from the state Office of Radiation Safety come into our office regularly and monitor our equipment to be sure it is safe and effective.

Why should I have the in-office ‘Power-Whitening’ when I can go to the store and buy similar Whitening products?

Yes, we realize that there are many products on the market that are much cheaper. However, you should be aware of the following:

  • Whitening Toothpaste:  Whitening toothpastes only fight surface stains, but they don’t actually change the color of the tooth enamel.
  • Store-Purchased Whitening Trays:  These products that are sold in stores are not endorsed by the American Dental Association and thus may cause damage to your teeth and/or gums.  They are sold with generic type bleaching trays (one size fits all) and consequently, can cause damage to your gums. Furthermore, the strength found in this type of bleaching agent is not as safe nor as effective as what may be purchased at the dental office.
  • Whitening Strips:  Most patients are confused about which whitening strips to purchase since they are sold both at the store and at dental offices.  What most people don’t realize is that the hydrogen peroxide strength found in the store-bought strips is considerably less than the strength found in strips purchased in dental offices.  Since the whitening strips can only help fight surface stains, your teeth will eventually turn ‘yellowish’ again.
  • In-Office Power Whitening:  Our whitening system gets at stains inside and out because the solution travels through tubules inside the teeth.  This type of whitening system is long-lasting and you are in control of how white you want your teeth to be.  At first, most patients whiten their teeth every night. Then, after reaching their desired shade, they whiten only when necessary.  For most people, that’s weekly or even monthly.

Do I need “special dental care” because I am pregnant?

During pregnancy, there is a special need for good oral hygiene because pregnancy may exaggerate some of the following dental disorders:

  • Dental Carries (cavities)
  • Gingivitis (During pregnancy, gingivitis may be more pronounced due to a rise in your body’s hormone levels)

What is nitrous oxide / oxygen?

Nitrous oxide / oxygen is a blend of two gases. When inhaled, it is absorbed by the body and has a calming effect.  Normal breathing then eliminates nitrous oxide from the body when the procedure is over. If your child is worried by the sights, sounds, or sensations of dental treatment, he or she may respond more positively with the use of nitrous oxide. This is perhaps the safest sedative in dentistry.  It is non-addictive.  It is mild, easily taken, then quickly eliminated by the body.  They will remain fully conscious and will keep all natural reflexes during the process.