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Preventive Dentistry at Port Isabel Dental

Our Port Isabel dental practice believes that good oral hygiene begins with honest communication. We promise to speak candidly with you about your treatment options and our recommendations. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership - and keep your smile beautiful and healthy!

Our preventive dental services include:

Dental Cleanings and Exams

Routine cleanings and exams are essential for anyone who wants to enjoy a truly healthy smile. With our advanced tools, we can help you clean areas that are difficult to reach with a basic toothbrush or floss. What’s more, we can help you identify instances of gum disease, tooth decay, teeth grinding, or even oral cancer early before they have a chance to become more serious and destructive. Contact our Port Isabel office if you’d like to schedule your next cleaning and exam.


This simple but effective service is often recommended for young patients who are just learning to brush, but it can also be used by adults who are prone to decay or cavities. Sealants prevent cavities from forming by putting a thin, plastic barrier between harmful bacteria and the vulnerable chewing surfaces of teeth. They can be applied in just a matter of minutes but will provide long-lasting protection. Do you have more questions about how dental sealants work? Call us today to learn more.


A nightguard is a special appliance that’s designed to help patients who struggle with a teeth grinding condition known as bruxism. This condition is often triggered by stress. What’s more, many patients who struggle with it experience the most trouble while they’re asleep. If bruxism isn’t treated, it can seriously harm a patient’s health and wellbeing.  Wearing a nightguard during sleep will control both the patient’s grinding and the painful or destructive symptoms associated with it.


A custom-made sportsguard is an essential piece of equipment for any athlete, not just those who play contact sports like football or hockey. Because such a high number of sports injuries involve the mouth, having a custom-made sportsguard is a reasonable precaution to take. Sportsguards are designed to protect a patient’s entire smile and can even reduce the severity of concussions. Would you like to learn more about the importance of wearing a sportsguard while active? Call our office in Port Isabel with your questions.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Dr. Salazar is a strong believer in the importance of routine oral cancer screenings. Consider this fact: roughly one person dies from oral cancer every hour. What’s more, 25% of cases are found in patients with none of the typical risk factors. With such a high mortality rate, and with so many cases diagnosed in patients who don’t fit the typical profile of an oral cancer patient, it’s no wonder we take screenings very seriously.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

If you have questions about which brand of toothpaste is more appropriate for your needs, we’ll be happy to make a recommendation for you. Not every toothpaste is the same. We will be happy to suggest one based on your history and your current health. We can also talk to you about how to effectively use mouthwash in the fight against gum disease and tooth decay.

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